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The Challenge

Study abroad route is widely known as the easiest, fastest and surest of all pathways to migrate to high income countries and so thousands of international students from around the world desire to achieve their international education dreams mostly in Canada, the US, UK or Australia among other developed countries for obvious reasons which include, but not limited to the high quality education, rich multiculturalism, an opportunity to work and remain in the countries after graduation, ability to bring family (spouse and children) even alongside with you or while studying, spousal full-time work permit etc. However, as much worthwhile and worth investing in as the study abroad is, there are a series of challenges ranging from constraints to pitfalls that frustrate international education seekers from accessing endless opportunities it presents.

Study abroad dreams of many unsuspecting or desperate applicants have been shattered by plenty of fraudsters calming to be foreign study or migration agents or consultants but who have ended up scamming them of their hard-earned money or mishandled their applications with unprofessionalism or unethical treatments even collecting exorbitant service charges.

Many international students struggle to fund their studies on their own as the foreign embassies expect substantial proofs of funds from international education applicants to be granted study permit or visa, since majority of financial aid options, grants and scholarships to school at top destination countries are aimed at domestic nationals and the remnants even when made available for their international counterparts are very competitive and rarely cover all of expenses of studying abroad. Underprivileged international students though with great potential lack the ready-made wherewithal to pay such tuition fees. Individuals and families who do not even qualify as low-income can still need assistance paying for such expensive tuitions. Very few parents are able and willing to pay full price for any college or university in these developed countries.

Our Solutions

EIS Advantage:

Excellence International Schools (EIS) was birthed out of the need to provide Godly professional, ethical and well-regarded solutions to all the above circumstances and more especially the corrupt unethical practices in the admission and visa applications processes as well as financial constraints, faced by applicants seeking to study abroad and/or migrate thereby. EIS is an International Schools Admission Preparatory Exams Consultancy Center and International Recruitment Services Provider incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria (Business Numbered: 3065966) and in affiliation (ID: 660099) with a big Canada-based and registered Ed-tech and world’s largest online platform for international student recruitment with the mission to educate the world.

We’ve also built partnerships with national and international education financing institutions and still collaborating to help our student clients fulfill their dreams with much-needed no-collateral/ no-credit-history study abroad loans whose principal is payable by the student with post-graduation employment proceeds while we get as many students as possible admitted into the best international educational institutions at the LEAST ever genuinely possible token or even for FREE in certain cases.

Watch How We Help

A new kind of study abroad solutions firm built for Excellence


Be the globally recognized international education Zionkey to unlocking human potentials for Excellence.


Provision of topnotch trustworthy international education solutions and services as well as leverage and access to study abroad facilities and opportunities through strategic partnerships for the realization of human potentials to Excel

Our core values

These values guide how we do our work and work with each other at EIS Board to serve our clients.



Beating the best and being the very best or first class in life

Godliness in Character

Discerning God’s right way from the wrong and remaining faithful to what is right in spite of enticing pulls to the contrary

Peace of Mind

Calmness, tranquility, order, harmony and freedom from worry and anxiety


Periodically inform and give updates to all our stakeholders especially student clients.


Questioning the status-quo, always striving to be better than we are. Continuous learning and improvement

Result-Oriented Service

Focused on delivery and desired service outcomes. Always having the clients’ satisfaction in mind

Godly Mentoring

Positive, supportive helping Christ-like relationships, encouraging young people to develop to their fullest potentials and fulfill their God-given destinies


Principled, ethical and honest in all our dealings

Supernatural Success

Total fulfillment in chosen career and life through divine empowerment

Welcome to EIS!

My name is Olaniyi Oludayo, an International Education Migration Consultant at the EIS Board. The EIS Board team and I operate Excellence International Schools (EIS). By collaborating with international institutions, we help student clients with Godly professional Study Abroad and financial solutions to successfully relocate to the country of their dream through the study abroad route – the SUREST, FASTEST and EASIEST pathway of relocating abroad.

On behalf of the EIS Board Team, we hereby invite you to reach to our consultants for admissions, study abroad loans applications or other study abroad solutions today.


Our Offer & Services

What We can do for you

We’re not just international education consultants; we’re your study abroad total solution providers.

Our Offer

Opportunity to fund your study and relocate abroad without paying from your pocket.

Principal repayment starts 6 months after graduation from employment incomes abroad.

How to access the Study loans (No Collateral/Credit History)

How the study abroad loan processing works

Whether you’re in need & eligible for the study abroad loans or you’ve self or other means of sponsorship, our array of pre-admission, admission & post-admission services ensure your potentials & resources are maximally unlocked for Excellence.

Our Services

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As a study abroad total solution provider, we are having existing partnership with bank/financial institution who can help with the international education loans for your studies. Read more

Study Abroad Loans

Once you have decided your career path and selected the subjects you wish to study it is equally important that you are admitted to the right institution. Read more

Admission Processing

We give special attention to the student program selection process by highlighting their previous academic records to ensure error free applications. Read more

Course Selection

Although we can help gain admission into your school of choice without any entrance exam, having an English Proficiency test score like IELTS, albeit not compulsory. Read more

Exam Reg. & coaching

After securing a best-fit program admission, we will guide you through the visa application process for FREE. Read more

Visa Assistance

At EIS our mission is that you excel. Your career is pathways to excellence.With the increasing number of career options today choosing a career has become far more complex a decision. Read more

Career Counseling

We also have collaborated with the travel agents to arrange your tickets and get you student deals their by helping you get all your needs done under a same roof. Read more

Travel Assistance

How it works

Our flexible FREE, Pay-Later or Discounted Solution models for your unique study abroad needs

Step 1

*Reach us for FREE Consultation

*Get FREE access to our pre-admission application Form

Step 2

*Fill your details on our FREE one-page Form.

* We hold a brief preliminary application discussion with you.

Step 3

*Share the relevant documents.

*Make admission processing payment as applicable if illegible for FREE processing; we confirm this & your study loan eligibility.

Step 4

* Make your choice of program & school with /without our advice.

*Pay your school –demanded application fee if/ as applicable &Share the additional school-specific documents, if required.

Step 5

*Receive your admission decision while we share your letter of admission directly from the school for your verification & action.

*Provide documents for your study abroad loan processing, if needed.

Step 6

*Your Study abroad loan disbursed or you pay your tuition deposit directly to the school.

* Arrange your visa application documents

Step 7

*Apply for visa

*While we support you with Visa application advisory, all for FREE.

Go & Excel

For both loan-based & non-loan-based admissions applications processing:

Find a study abroad loan that works for you

These loans cover tuition, school supplies, and living expenses for your overseas studies.

These education loans for abroad studies cover all expenses related to cost of applications for admission schools abroad, entrance exam like IELTS registration & coaching fee.
Coming soon.

This certificate demonstrates that you have adequate funds to pursue a course abroad and pay for the course fees and living expenses.On your loan application approval with a Financial Support Letter to be used as evidence of funding

Estimated Admission Applications Deadlines

Intake Session Semester Start Date Application Deadlines (Range)
March - May
July - September
November - January

Warning: Some institutions have rolling intake seasons with classes starting every 1-2 months, and not only in September, December and May. Many institutions offer rolling admission where applications are processed as they are submitted, and close once the number of available spots is filled. So the EARLIER you apply, the BETTER, and the EARLIEST, the BEST! Up to a 6 to 9-month or more interval between admission application and enrollment may be the best. START YOUR APPLICATION WITH US TODAY!

Some of the partner schools supported by the study abroad loans

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