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Part A:  The 7-Step Procedural Terms & Conditions.

Part B: EIS Student Pre-Admission Application

Part A:  The 7-Step Procedural Terms & Conditions.

JUST BEFORE YOU FILL THE FORM BELOW: Procedural Terms and Conditions for Processing Academic Admissions to Canada, USA, UK or Australia by Excellence International Schools (EIS)  –

With study abroad loans to relocate to Canada, the USA or UK  etc.


Open to read or Close The 7-Step Procedural Terms and Conditions (T& C) :


The 7-Step Procedural Terms and Conditions:


1). The first step is to request a FREE consultation and/or get FREE access to our Pre-Admission Application Form for you to understand our procedural terms and conditions and make a decision.


2). Second, you are to fill your details on the ONE-PAGE Student Pre-Admission Application Form hereunder and submit online. If you use the downloaded version downloadable here , you will have to forward same when completed to our dedicated email address: apply@eisboard.com also copy hello@eisboard.com). An EIS Representative will contact you to have a brief preliminary application discussion with you; including study abroad loan eligibility if that is your choice in lieu of Self-funding or your other sponsorship means.


3). Third, as prerequisites for any further discussion and information from EIS representatives, share the relevant documents and (a) pay the DISCOUNTED Admission Processing Fee of USD 250 OR (b) seek approval for our FREE Admission Processing only if the applicant is under 18 years OR (c) otherwise apply for our PAY-LATER Processing only to pay USD 300 instead as a condition to have access to the ORIGINAL copy of your admission letter immediately when released by the school. The EIS reserves the right to either APPROVE or DECLINE option (b) & (c) if selected, as you need to choose your applicable option by checking Here :>. The NON-REFUNDABLE Admission Processing Fee, (which is ALL you are to pay to us at EIS throughout the whole processes), GUARANTEES you an admission processed into a school of the student’s choice/decision in Canada, USA, UK or Australia, subject however to fulfilling all admission processing requirements especially timely submission of all basic and other school-specific admission documents by the student. Basic documents to be submitted include International passport, high school/ O’level/ A-Level result and result checker PIN scratch card (as the case may be), post-secondary certificates (if applicable). Your information provided will be kept confidential. Non-payment of the EIS Admission Processing Fee as applicable in the first place and school-demanded application fee thereafter as well as incomplete documentation will delay the ability of our admissions and Immigration representatives to guide you appropriately. Certain students may want to apply to multiple schools, though not compulsory. The ADDITIONAL schools will charge application fees.


4). Fourth, on admission processing settlement above, EIS representatives will contact you to further discuss and finalize with you on your choice of program and school while you pay the required application fee as demanded by the school (e.g. Most schools charge $100 or more). Up till this stage, the student client as the FINAL DECIDER reserves the right/freedom to accept/reject/change the program/school of study, however depending on program availability or the list of schools supported by our partner for study abroad loan-based applications. Also at the point, depending on the school, you are to complete and/or submit additional admission documents, such as Release Form ( to be filled and signed), Official Secondary/ High School latest year (first and term) results , if applicable transcripts of post-secondary academic qualifications, etc.  And the applicant seeking study abroad loans will be given a checklist to be filled and submitted to demonstrate readiness of ALL loan application documents preparatory for upload.


5). Fifth, receive your admission decision and/or acceptance letter  from your chosen school, and depending on your funding option or loan eligibility, also provide documents  on the checklist to be uploaded for your study abroad loan processing with our partner international education financing institutions. The admission processing with its approval letter (LOA) is the most major requirement for your loan application to be processed by our partners.


6). Sixth, you will receive your study abroad loan disbursement or you make tuition payment directly to the school yourself, as well prepare for visa application documentation.


 7). Seventh, in concluding the process, as a student client of EIS, we offer FREE advisory services during the visa application process. We will guide you through the visa procedures but you shall be responsible for the visa application as regards visa payment only to the embassy, filling the forms, getting the documents, uploading documents and completing the application. This is a completely FREE service offered by EIS. We guide through the entire stage of the visa process at no cost!

NOTE: All payments shall be made STRICTLY according to the details, methods and VALID rates as INSTANTANEOUSLY confirmed /advised (and re-confirmed just before a payment is made) via the following  EIS phone number (Whatsapp) :

 (+234 817 669 8847).

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